Hello world!

These are the first words to appear on my blog (no pressure then!).  Ok, so why am I even here?  I can hear my husbands voice in my head asking me: “Why do I have to publish on the internet?”. My answer to him, and subconsciously myself, is that when something gets published where the world can see it, it is powerful.  What ever goes out to the world is the finished product, whether it’s actually finished or not.  I am all to aware of the permanence of online content and that is a scary concept.

I would, in my own small way, like to have a record of what goes on in our little world.  This blog isn’t particularly for other people to read and admire, but instead it is a challenge for me to instil some discipline in my creativity.  This might seem a strange thing to want, and perhaps a strange way of going about it, but I know that a blog requires planning, preparation alongside care and attention.  I think I will enjoy the structure that will come from regular blogging.

I really enjoy reading blogs written by other people and I enjoy seeing what someone else with similar interests to me gets up to.  Basically I am nosey.  Perhaps others will stumble upon my musings and find them interesting.  Maybe something I share on here might even just inspire another person.  In the meantime, “Hi me!”


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