Lewes Antiques


I recently found this in one of the Lewes antiques shops at the bottom of the High Street. It sits atop a small bookcase in our living room – a little touch of nature!  I have decided to frame it in an oak veneer frame from IKEA as this matches the other furniture we have. Lovely.


Stay in the shade

Here are just a few of the lampshades I have made.  The drum kits are relatively straightforward and are a easy way to add a bespoke touch to your home.  They come in wide variety of sizes and different colours for the inside of the shade are available.

To go one step further I have used machine embroidery to decorate the fabric. There are endless possibilities!

Attic Treasure


I’m not sure of the history of this typewriter. I know my grandmother gave it to me when I was quite young and it belonged to someone else (!)… possibly a great uncle… in my family and now it belongs to me!  Isn’t it beautiful? I think its from the 1930s, which is an era that I find fascinating, particularly because that is when my house was built.

Baby Bear

Here is the baby bear I have knitted for my friend’s little baby boy a while back.  It’s based on the pattern in Laura Long’s book.  It’s really straightforward and the baby bear only requires one ball of wool.  However, I would recommend being a little careful as I only have a tiny scrap of wool left… not even a metre! So if you attempt this, then don’t waste too many loose ends along the way.

I love the paw patches as they give it a real vintage feel.  I used iron on interfacing to hold them in place and then I slipped stitched them for security and decoration.  Just for a cute winter extra, I added the scarf which is in stocking stitch and only 7 stitches wide.

I hope baby Harry likes it!


Suffolk Flea Markets

We have some very dear friends who live in the beautiful county of Suffolk.  It never ceases to amaze me that the towns and villages are so ancient.  From the higgldy piggldy village of Lavenham where a visit to the Guildhall is well worth a visit Along to Long Melford where the original Jemima Puddleduck resides in Melford Hall.  Both are just two of the  National Trust Properties in the area, so if you do plan to visit the area then splash out on a membership.

From here, it is also possible to sneak in a bit of antique shopping.  We always call in at Long Melford and Clare for our best buys.  I love the fact that you never know what will be around the next corner, or hidden at the back of a over stuffed stall.  These are a few of the bits we have been lucky enough to find.  My favourite is the Stag dressing table that would have set us back a lot more if it had been for sale in Sussex.  We are big fans of the mid-century minimalistic designs, but I understand why this style might not suit 500 year old cottages and is far less popular.

My first attempt at making a wearable item of clothing

This is my first attempt at sewing an item of clothing.  I have shown the cover of the pattern it was made from.  I was really pleased as it is a proper item of clothing that can be worn (without feeling embarrassed).  In fact I think I will make another one sometime.

My main evaluative points are that it is not lined, which would probably make it hang better. The cotton is not too fine though, so it is still ok.  Secondly I made the waistband slightly wider so that it sits more on my hip.  This didn’t entirely work as it looks a bit odd, although it is comfortable.  I think in future I will try and stick to the instructions – lesson learned!

Hello world!

These are the first words to appear on my blog (no pressure then!).  Ok, so why am I even here?  I can hear my husbands voice in my head asking me: “Why do I have to publish on the internet?”. My answer to him, and subconsciously myself, is that when something gets published where the world can see it, it is powerful.  What ever goes out to the world is the finished product, whether it’s actually finished or not.  I am all to aware of the permanence of online content and that is a scary concept.

I would, in my own small way, like to have a record of what goes on in our little world.  This blog isn’t particularly for other people to read and admire, but instead it is a challenge for me to instil some discipline in my creativity.  This might seem a strange thing to want, and perhaps a strange way of going about it, but I know that a blog requires planning, preparation alongside care and attention.  I think I will enjoy the structure that will come from regular blogging.

I really enjoy reading blogs written by other people and I enjoy seeing what someone else with similar interests to me gets up to.  Basically I am nosey.  Perhaps others will stumble upon my musings and find them interesting.  Maybe something I share on here might even just inspire another person.  In the meantime, “Hi me!”